Aquaponics Grow Beds

Aquaponics is a really great organic gardening and farming method. To take full advantage of this break through farming technique you need to have the right materials and equipment to construct an aquaponics system. Aquaponics grow beds are just one part of this system. Theses grow beds can be purchased or made. It just depends on your budget and or how much time and space that you have to build your system.

Aquaponics grow beds can bought or made. Any semi shallow container that is clean enough to eat from can be used to grow the plants you want in your aquaponics system. You could use my favorite go to, the bottom quarter section cut from a Rubber Made tote. This works great for your first system or a hobby system. You could use the “already shallow” under storage bed containers made by Rubber Made or Sterilite. They actually make good grow beds for a starter system as well. You can make your own grow beds if you don’t want to spend the money on the commercially available ones.

You can find many places on the internet that sell purpose built aquaponics grow-beds. A Google search or two with the terms “aquaponics grow beds” will produce a number of results to chose from. The main draw back of purchasing your grow beds can be the cost. Be sure to shop around before you you buy any aquaponics grow beds from the internet or a store.. Ebay could have some good deals, so you can check them out. Craig's list also may have aquaponics grow beds listed for sale. If you perform a Google search for the containers listed above or even search Craig's list and Ebay for the grow beds you may very well find an excellent deal.

If you don't have the funds to buy a ready made grow bed or you are a do it your selfer and just want to construct your own set of aquaponics grow beds don't worry, you can be successful. If you want to build your own grow beds then you will only need a few tools and supplies depending on what kind of grow beds your are building, ie are you modifying a large food storage container or are you building a plywood box type with a pond liner.

When modifying containers you really only need a jigsaw or sawzall to cut the top of enclosed containers and some sand paper to smooth any rough edges. If you are scratch building your aquaponics grow beds from wood, then you may need, aside from the wood of course, a hammer or nail gun, nails, a ruler or tape measure, a water proof liner which can be a tarp or pond liner, and screws and a screw gun or drill driver if you don't want to use nails. Once you have your tools and materials gathered, All you need to do is construct a shallow 5 sided box and then line it with a tarp or pond liner. Secure the liner to the inside of the box with staples from the outside via an over-lapped portion of the liner.

Aquaponics grow beds are an essential part of any aquaponics system. You can buy or build them, the choice is yours. Just make sure that any container that you use is water tight and didn’t contain any harmful chemicals prior to you re-purposing it for use as a an aquaponics grow bed. If you would like to learn more about aquaponics then check out the rest of our site or just shoot us a question via our contact-us form.

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